Vendorplace Privacy Notice

Yaydoo, S.A.P.I. de C.V. (hereinafter “Vendorplace” with address at Avenida Uno No. 131, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, Alcaldía Benito Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico, C.P. 03800, in compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, its regulations, guidelines and other relative and applicable provisions (hereinafter jointly the “Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals”). 03800, in compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, its regulations, guidelines and other relative and applicable provisions (hereinafter jointly the “Law”), informs you of its privacy policy, as well as the treatment it will give to the personal data collected directly through its specialized services portal https://www. vendorplace. com (hereinafter the “Website”), ensuring that the processing of personal data of the User of the Website (hereinafter the “Owner”) their personal data or third parties entered by the Owner (as that term is defined below) is carried out in a legitimate, controlled and informed, preserving their right to privacy and informational self-determination, through the use and implementation of high technical, physical and administrative security measures, in order to prevent any damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or unauthorized processing.


Vendorplace, will be responsible for the treatment given to personal data collected through the means described above, also informs you that personal data will be treated and safeguarded based on the principles of legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and accountability, established by law.


The personal data that will be collected from the Holder, as well as third parties who enter or are stored or are extracted with the authorization of the Holder, are the following: full name, phone, email, company name, CLABE interbank, Federal Taxpayer Registry, provide keys as the CIEC (the “Personal Data”), among others that, according to the nature of the product and / or service required Vendorplace requested, which will not be considered sensitive personal data under the Act (hereinafter the “Information”).


The Personal Data provided by the Data Subject to Vendorplace, will have the use described below:


Your Personal Information will be processed to: maintain and update user files and accounts, extract information or fiscal data associated with the Holder through the use of personal keys, provide data of means of payment of the Holder, perform collection actions to its customers, suppliers or registered debtors, receive payments from its customers or debtors registered on the Website.


Also, the data or Information will be processed to improve the Products and Services, features and platform; prevent or detect fraud or abuse; send emails to the Holder with advertising, offers and promotions relevant to customers; and for certain business purposes, such as providing statistical data and conducting marketing research that Vendorplace deems appropriate.


The Data Subject may, in accordance with the mechanisms established herein, deny, revoke his/her consent, as well as oppose the processing of his/her Personal Data for purposes other than those strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the established purposes.


Vendorplace offers on the Website the services described in the terms and conditions of the Website (the “Terms and Conditions”), in which the Holder consents that the Personal Data provided as well as those extracted by the portal itself from third parties with the authorization of the Holder through its CIEC, will be for the purpose of performing administrative operations to collect invoices or receive or make payments for payment of invoices.


The Holder hereby authorizes Vendorplace to transfer the Personal Data of the third parties entered by the same in terms of the tax legislation, for the purpose of instructing Vendorplace that third parties process payments or receipt of funds from the Holder under the content and scope of the Terms and Conditions. The transmission of Personal Data will be disassociated and encrypted for the purpose of making orders for payment and receipt of resources.


You also authorize Vendorplace to use your Personal Data for Vendorplace to make payments to third parties indicated by the Holder through e-mails.

Vendorplace will not transfer Personal Data for purposes other than the above paragraph, in the event that at the time of requesting a product and / or service that involves transmission of Personal Data other than those authorized in this Privacy Notice, the Holder will be informed if he/she consents that his/her personal data be transferred in order to provide the Product and / or Service requested.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, Vendorplace may at any time disclose and transmit Information when required to do so by law and/or by a competent authority, or in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to: i) comply with legal processes; ii) respond to claims involving any content that undermines the rights of third parties; iii) protect the rights, property or safety of Vendorplace, its users and the general public, and; iv) when the transfer is provided for in a law or treaty to which Mexico is a party.


Vendorplace may provide the Information to any authority that requires the same, to interpose any means of defense in its favor, to establish protective measures against illegal activities or situations that involve risk to the safety of any person, and any other activity that the law or any authority requires.


The Holder consents that the Vendorplace platform will use the information provided by him/her to send collection communications to the persons registered in the user account. Likewise, he/she consents to an administrator or manager contacting via email and addressing the person who is the subject of the collection action using the predetermined financial information to demand payment of an account receivable in terms of his/her invoice records. The data and information generated by the collection actions on behalf of the Data Subject will be considered as part of the Personal Data associated with the Data Subject and will be stored in Vendorplace’s databases under encryption levels acceptable in the industry and by Law.


The Holder consents that Vendorplace will store the information of the payments received by the registered debtors of the same, with the purpose of storing them in a database whose access will only be directly managed by the User. The data and information generated by the actions of third party payments for the benefit of the Holder will be considered as part of the Personal Data associated with it and will be stored in Vendorplace’s databases under encryption levels acceptable in the industry and by law.


The Holder consents that when providing the Personal Data on means of disposal to third parties through the Website, this transmission will be made for the purpose of carrying out operations in the payment gateway that Vendorplace makes available to the Holder for this purpose. Likewise, in case of money transfers that such third parties execute, the data provided by the Holder for recipients in their capacity as beneficiaries of the transfer orders will be used exclusively to perform the payment transaction under the terms of the subscription of the Holder, including the data of the beneficiary, account number, CLABE account number and others that are required of the third party for such purposes.


The Holder consents that derived from the use of the functions on the Website, Vendorplace may analyze the behavior of the Holder for statistical, research, software improvement, or information security purposes by disassociating them from the Holder.


In addition to those provided by law, personal data will be canceled permanently when the Holder states that he/she wishes to cancel his/her account in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. The Holder consents that in the event of a subscription suspension, his/her Personal Data will be kept in Vendorplace’s databases in order to safeguard it in the event of future reactivation of the service.


The Holder of the Personal Data provided to Vendorplace, is responsible in any case, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Information provided, and undertakes to keep it duly updated.


The Data Subject may: i) know the Personal Data held by Vendorplace and the details of its processing (Access); ii) rectify their Personal Data if they are inaccurate (Rectification); iii) cancel the processing of Personal Data when it considers that they are excessive or unnecessary for the purposes that justified their collection (Cancellation); and iv) oppose the processing of their Personal Data for specific purposes (Opposition).


The Data Subject should consider that for certain purposes, the revocation of consent to the processing of the Information, implies that Vendorplace can no longer provide the product and / or service requested by the Data Subject.


At any time, the Holder may revoke the consent granted for the processing of his Personal Data, in order to stop the use of the same, in case he/she requires to limit the use and/or disclosure of the Personal Data or to exercise any of his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (the “A.R.C.O. Rights”), he/she shall send his/her request to the e-mail, and shall confirm the receipt of such document by calling 55 85 26 39 29, from [*time*], on business days, as appropriate.


For the above, you must inform Vendorplace, clearly and precisely, the Personal Data that the Holder wishes to be rectified, canceled or revised, as well as the purpose for which it was provided and in general meet the requirements mentioned in art. 29 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties:


Full name of the Data Subject, address, telephone number and email account, in order to communicate the response to your request.
Documents proving the identity or, as the case may be, the legal representation of the Data Subject.

A clear, succinct and precise description of what is requested.
Any other element or document that facilitates, where appropriate, to comply with your request and / or to issue a response to it.


Vendorplace will have a period of no more than 20 business days after receipt of the request referred to respond to it, and 15 more business days to enforce the exercise of the right requested, if appropriate.


The aforementioned terms may be extended for an equal period, as long as justified by the circumstances of the case.


Any modification to this notice will be notified to you through the following means:




Likewise, any change of address, telephone number and/or web page, will be published on the web page indicated above for ten calendar days prior to the effective date of change, and it is your responsibility to consult this notice and its modifications.

By providing his/her Personal Data, the Data Subject confirms and accepts that he/she has read and gives his/her consent to comply with the provisions of this Privacy Notice. Likewise, in case of providing sensitive personal data and/or data of a patrimonial and/or financial nature, his/her consent shall be obtained expressly and in writing, leaving his/her autograph signature, electronic signature, or any other authentication mechanism established for such purpose, as a record.