Why does offering secure payments increase your sales?

It’s definite: the world has changed completely. Every company around the globe has been impacted in one way or another by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. And although recently economic activity is slowly returning to normal, the reality is that we have acquired new habits that are here to stay, making companies have to adapt to survive in an environment that is becoming increasingly competitive. One of them is the adoption of various digital tools to improve their business processes.

In Mexico, the tendency to use different means for receiving online payments has grown in recent years, which represents a valuable market opportunity that companies cannot afford to miss.

E-commerce has become an option that today represents a channel of great value for companies of all sizes (especially for SMEs). And this modality offers a feature that the pandemic has favored: to operate remotely. Although for many people it could represent something unknown, the reality is that it can be as simple as using social networks, which you already manage to make sales through them.

You may think that it is easy to get lost in this enormous range of opportunities, but the reality is that it is very simple. On the other hand, if there is one obstacle to why online modalities have not yet reached their full potential in the eyes of customers, it is the distrust of making payments and transactions over the Internet. 


Surely it has happened that a user questions whether your site offers a guarantee that the receipt of payments is safe, since it may be the first time that your customer makes an online payment or perhaps previously suffered some kind of fraud performing such activity. This attitude is normal, and it is a wake-up call for online business owners, like you, to pay attention to this issue.

Therefore, you should not give your store visitors and potential customers a chance to think about things like “Will I get ripped off?” or “What if my card is cloned and I get charged for transactions I didn’t make?”

Anticipate and try to make your store offer the necessary information to ensure customer confidence with these three steps:

1.- Select a payment gateway that adequately adapts to your company.

If you have an online store, you need to have a way to accept payment for your products or services. For this, there are payment gateways (some with more benefits than others). That is why you should choose the one that best suits the needs of your business and, above all, the payment method that your customers prefer to improve the management of accounts receivable.

2.- Allow your customers to make their payments through bank deposits.

Do not eliminate from your customer portfolio those people who do not have a credit or debit card to make a payment, or who for personal reasons do not want to make payments with them and prefer to settle their debt through cash payments. Keep in mind that many people still distrust making payments with their plastic. Therefore, you should offer them another payment method, so that they feel secure and make the corresponding payment without any complications. 

You can accept payments by bank deposit and, in this way, your customers will be able to go to any banking institution, request references of the account to which they will make the deposit, and have a receipt with which they will be able to pay for the products or services purchased.

3.-Accept debit card payments.

Many people believe the myth that online payments can only be made with a credit card. You may think that’s old-fashioned now, but it doesn’t hurt to mention to your customers that they can make payments with a credit card as well as a debit card.


One of the advantages of making payments with a debit card is that it’s technically the customer’s money, so a user is more likely to have a debit card because they don’t need to approve a credit application.

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